Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top Secret Recipes Unlocked

By Todd Wilbur

From the back of the book:

“The original clone recipe king has done it again. For the last twenty-two years Todd Wilbur has been creating amazing culinary carbon copies of all your favorite brand-name foods using his special techniques. Now the clone ranger is back with his ninth cookbook featuring all new kitchen clones.”

Cookbooks always fascinate me. I actually love reading them because you can learn several little tidbits that not only help out in the kitchen, they can also add some fun changes from the usual novels I typically read.

I found this book a fun addition to my cookbook shelf. I had heard of Todd Wilbur’s books, but this is the first I’ve actually picked up and looked at. Very interesting and I do wonder how he comes up with his clones. He must have a palette that can discern the different tastes within a famous secret recipe.

Now, that’s a talent I wouldn’t mind having. I often find myself wondering if there is a recipe for a meal I’ve eaten at a restaurant. In fact, not too long ago, I wrote to one famous restaurant and asked if I could have the recipe for a particular dessert.

Of course, I received a resounding “NO!” It’s a secret. My next step was to search the Internet for copy-cat recipes and I did find it, but I’ve yet to try it!

How much more convenient to have these clones in book form, especially with a handy index that lists the recipes both by title and restaurant? I’m sure I’ll use this book often.

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