Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Basic Book of Digital Photography

By Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm

From the back of the book:

“The Basic Book of Photography is the definitive guide to the expansive world of digital photography from two of the field’s most established authorities. Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm steer photographers through the new era of digital photography.”

I’ll be the first to admit I still rely on my 35mm camera … and I’m one of the few journalists who do! I like my film camera. I like the pictures it takes and the sound of the film rewinding when the roll is done.

However, I realize I’m going to have to transition to a digital camera in the near future. For one thing, our local Wal-Mart is planning to do away with film developing sometime this spring. That means I will have to take it to a photography studio 30 miles away, which is also closed on weekends.

Not only is that a hassle, it will also play havoc with my deadline schedule.

One of the advantages of using film is the high speed I can use to take action photos. It also does much better in the dark than most of the digitals I’ve seen.

But, fear not, The Basic Book of Digital Photography comes to the rescue! This book is packed full of information – covering everything from the camera itself and the accessories to settings and exposure.

And there are pictures to help you figure out what you should be learning from reading the book.

Anyone new – or experienced – to digital photography will learn from this book.

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