Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Cost of Dreams

By Gary Stelzer

From the back of the book:

“Flora Enriquez trusts that she has found safe haven for her young family in the remote U.S. Southwest, after fleeing the murderous environs of her homeland where her parents were slain in a civil war. Only to find that all of her life’s greatest challenges, by far, still lie before her.”

Some books are destined to become best sellers and I truly feel this is one of them. And I’d be very surprised if it didn’t pull in several awards, as well.

I’ve read mixed reviews of this book. Many of those who didn’t particularly care for it were the readers who found it difficult emotionally.

That, however, is the point of the story.

Gary Stelzer brings to the pages a tale meant to shock. Although rare, it can be a somewhat common story for those immigrants who face some harsh realities when they trade one tough situation for another.

The main character ends up fighting for her life in this unusual story of drugs, kidnapping, murder and insanity. And, indeed, there were parts very difficult to read, but without them, this would not be the book it is.

Even though it is fiction, the words paint a picture of a story that could really have happened. This is an excellent read and one I’d recommend to anyone wanting to understand the trials many immigrants could potentially face in a new land.

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