Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Author Ross Anthony and his interesting journals

Back in November, I took part in the blog campaign “Green Books Review.” This campaign is organized by Eco-Libris, a company working to “green up” the book industry by promoting the adoption of green practices, balancing out books by planting trees and supporting green books.

At the time, I had some correspondence with self-published author Ross Anthony. He was considering using recycled paper for his books and wondered what I thought of the idea.

One thing I noticed was the quality of the books published with recycled paper. They were actually very nice and the pages were slightly thicker than new paper.

Ross gave it a go and the result is the following two books, which he sent me to review. In the case of “Riding Chili” and “Circle Earth,” Ross used a very thick paper and it definitely works for these books.

Each book is a journal of sorts, with Ross relating his travels across the U.S. and Europe. Using the heavier paper gives the books a “journal” feel and I really enjoyed that as I was reading them.

So, without further ado, here are my reviews for Ross’ books.

Zen Repair and the Art of Riding Chili

By Ross Anthony

From the back of the book:

“Get on. Ride a dirt bike named Chili across 14 states. Need some time to think? Or to rediscover your dreams? Coast to coast, open roads await your open mind.”

I can just imagine how fun it must have been to travel across the U.S. with no definite itinerary … just the desire to ride, relax, enjoy the scenery and meet the road head-on.

Ross Anthony creates such a fun read. He talks about the places he sees and the people he meets. And every now and then, he throws in a picture to whet the appetite.

Reading his words makes me feel like I’m right there with him, on the back of the bike (even though I’d be scared to death – I prefer four tires between me and the road), with the wind blowing around me and the dust getting in my eyes.

This book is surely a keeper and I do plan to read it again someday when I want to get away from it all and travel the open road.

Circle Earth and the Circumference of the Planet

By Ross Anthony

From the back of the book:

“Come with me around the world.”

I actually liked this book a little better than “Riding Chili,” but I think that’s because Ross included some little sketches along with his writing (plus photos, too).

Ross wrote this journal 20 years before he published it. He relates his trip across Europe, the Middle East and Asia in such an honest and straight forward way, you can’t help but enjoy it!

Starting out in Phoenix, Arizona, and heading east to take in a couple sites prior to boarding the plane for London, Ross talks about his apprehensions of the trip. After all, he will be subject to his whims as he goes to foreign countries where he will have to totally rely on strangers he meets for all his needs.

He traveled by train, bus and hitchhiking. He met all sorts of people with such a wide range of personalities and the reader learns about all of them.

Again, this is a marvelous account of what had to be a unique and magical trip. It’s one more book for my personal library that will find a special place on my shelf.


Margo Dill said...

Recycled paper with self-published books--that's a great concept. I like the feel of recycled paper too like when I buy recycled paper cards or notepads. I went to an Earth Day kids' festival one time where they helped kids make recycled paper. It was really interesting, and from that experience, I can see why the paper is a big thicker.

Nice post!
Margo Dill

Suko said...

Hopefully we'll see more green books in the future. Terrific reviews!

Beth F said...

This is a new to me author -- and someone to look into. Thanks.