Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Addiction: What's Really Going On?

By Deborah McCloskey, CADC, and Barbara Sinor, PhD

From the back of the book:

“Addiction: What’s Really Going On? contains powerful true-life stories woven together to form a tapestry filled with pain, joy, defeat, and success. The entire book is molded around Deborah McCloskey’s heartfelt desire for her clients to be free of drugs.”

You need to grit your teeth and swallow deeply before beginning to read this book. It is so filled with honest and revealing stories that will make you cry for those who are so deeply imbedded in their addictions.

You’ll read about a girl who loses her baby because of her drug use. You’ll read about addicts fighting diseases caused by poor decisions they made, such as HIV-AIDS.

You’ll read about the anger and hurt these people feel so deep down inside that they believe the only way they can function is by shooting, smoking, ingesting drugs.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also read about how wonderful it is to watch someone turn their life around. The joy of knowing one person was helped, so others can be, too.

This book is so important for several reasons. Besides giving the reader some insight to an issue that costs society billions of dollars every year, it also provides an understanding for the way an addict feels and how they can be helped.

Recommended for all audiences, this book should be read by teachers, hospital employees, college students, government officials and the general adult population, including those who are in the throes of an addiction themselves.


Anonymous said...

What a great review. This does seem like a tough book to get through.

Suko said...

I agree with J. Kaye, great review! Although it might be difficult to read, this does sound like a very important book. Thanks for your review.