Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review: The Edge of Forever

By Jeff S. Chimenti

From the back of the book:

“After Michael Hanson saves a young woman from a violent encounter with her abusive husband in a small Nevada town, they attempt to find refuge in another city. But, as they flee, the couple doesn’t realize that they’re about to be pulled into a life-threatening adventure in an event that will change the course of human history in less than a week.”

The human race is faced with extinction – from a massive geological event, as well as the potential of a virulent bacteria being released into the population. Only a handful of people knows what is about to take place and they are on the run to try to save themselves and their families before it’s too late.

This really is a unique story and I was quite impressed by the way it played out. The author took the theories of what happened to the dinosaurs and wove a modern-day tale around them.

I would say 90 percent of the science fiction is totally believable; the other 10 percent is acceptable.

“The Edge of Forever” is Jeff Chimenti’s first novel and he did a very fine job of writing it. He brings together several moral issues to make the reader do more than just read. I was forced to think about what he was saying with this book and now, I’m anxious to read the sequel “The Edge of Forever: Brink of Extinction.”

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