Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guardian of the Flame

By T.L. Higley

From the back of the book:

“Alexandria, 48 B.C. Sophia has spent nearly twenty years as the keeper of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, alone in her task and in her heart. But when the wealthy capital of Egypt is invaded by Julius Caesar and his Roman legion, Sophia’s peace is shattered and her lighthouse invaded.”

This is a wonderful example of how historical fiction should be written. Not only is a fascinating story line, the reader also learns quite a bit about the period of time in which the book takes place.

T.L. Higley obviously knows of what she writes. She definitely did her research prior to putting pen to paper. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I learned several new facts about Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, the Roman centurions and the relationship between the two countries. I also found out some interesting tidbits about the people belief system and their gods.

This novel is one of a series and anyone who reads it will want to continue with the other books. There is much more to learn about this particular era in the history of the world.

Smooth writing, easy to follow plot and in-depth character personalities … all add up to a super read.

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