Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Christmas Wish List

Whenever holidays or birthdays roll around, my family asks, “What do you want us to get you?”

I don’t always have a quick answer and they jump in with, “We could get you a book … well, no, you already have more than you can read now.”

So, I did a little brainstorming and came up with some ideas for gifts readers would enjoy. These are items that could definitely add to the reading experience.

Here they are, presented in alphabetical order:

World atlas:

These are great for finding locations within the story you are reading.

Book light:

Wonderful for reading in bed or in the car without disturbing those around you.


It goes without saying that you need these for keeping your place.


Great for adding a little ambiance, especially if you’re reading a romance novel.


I often refer to a dictionary for new words I find in books I’m reading.

Lap blanket:

For curling up on cold winter evenings with your book.

Post it notes:

I use these a lot when I’m reading. They are really handy for marking pages you want to refer

back to for a quote or phrase. I often put one in the front of the book for keeping lists of new words.

Spiral notebook:

If you like to keep track of the books you’ve read or key sentences

you find in a story, these are very handy.


A warm cup of tea is a very pleasant drink when reading.

Tea set:

Well … to drink the tea, of course!

Tote bag:
The perfect item for taking all of the above with you on a weekend away.

Other items that can come in handy are a nice journal, a special pen to write with,

highlighters, memo pads, paper clips and a thesaurus.

That’s my list! Some of these items make super stocking stuffers, too. I’m definitely going to share this with my family. Feel free to copy it and add your own special wants so your family will get you presents they know you will enjoy. I know there are other presents I’d love to have! But when I mention those to my family, they just roll their eyes and say, "Uh, huh!"

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