Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Reading Challenge: I'm Done!

Well, I finished my very first challenge ever! I really enjoyed this and I've signed up for two challenges for 2010. I'm going to do my best to complete those, too!

The idea of the Holiday Reading Challenge was to read from 1 to 5 books by December 31, which I did prior to Christmas.

I want to thank Nely over at All About {n} for hosting this challenge. I'll keep my list of books read on my sidebar until after January 1. Then, I'll have to take it down to make room for my new lists.

To finish off and start working on my lists for the 2010 challenges, I offer one last bonus review of a classic tale by Mary Higgins Clark.

Review: Silent Night by Mary Higgins Clark

You can always count on Ms. Clark to bring a wonderful story to the bookshelves!

And you can always count on her to offer at least one new Christmas story each year.

This one was written in 1995, but like all her books, they are timeless. In "Silent Night," a young boy sees a woman steal his mother's wallet while they are looking at the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Inside that wallet is a St. Christopher's medal, which they are taking to his father who is in a New York hospital being treated for leukemia.

He follows the woman back to her apartment, intent on confronting her and getting the medal back. However, her brother is there waiting to confront his sister and force her to give him enough money to flee the country. He just broke out of prison, shooting a guard on the way.

The brother kidnaps the boy, threatening to kill him if his sister calls the police. She knows if she doesn't do something, he will kill the boy anyway. So she notifies the authorities and the hunt is on.

I just loved this story. I know any book by Mary Higgins Clark will give me a chance to lay back, relax and enjoy the read.


J. Kaye said...

Congratulations!!! :)

Joy said...

Great list, I read Blue Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews and liked it.
Have a Happy 2010!