Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Word Skills

These words are from the book "The Snow Garden" by Christopher Rice.

Carrel = a table or desk with three sides extending above the writing surface to serve as partitions, designed for individual study, as in a library.

Chiaroscuro = the distribution of light and shade in a picture.

Cladding = the act or process of bonding one metal to another, usually to protect the inner metal from corrosion.

Subsumed = to take up into a more inclusive classification.

Sylphs = (in folklore) one of a race of supernatural beings supposed to inhabit the air.

Thrall = a person who is morally or mentally enslaved by some power or influence.


Lisa said...

Those are great words! I've seen sylph or sylphlike used in a number of books.

And thanks for stopping by and mentioning you used gto be local! I went to school in Kent and liked it so much I never left!

LuAnn said...

Thanks for visiting today, Lisa. Thinking about where you live sure brings back lots of great memories!