Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Word Skills

These great words are from the book "Lost and Found" by Carolyn Parkhurst.

Appurtenance = an incidental right or privilege

Dearth = scarcity

Falafel = a small croquette or patty of ground chickpeas or other vegetables, seasoned with spices and deep fried in oil

Frieze = a heavy wool cloth with a shaggy, uncut nap on one side

Hyperbolic = exaggerated

Juggernaut = anything that exacts blind devotion

Malodorous = having a bad odor or stench

Modulating = regulating, adjusting or adapting to the proper degree or pitch

Paucity = scarcity, insufficiency

Plinth = the base on which a statue is placed

Prosaic = commonplace, dull, ordinary

Rapprochement = an establishing or restoring of harmony and friendly relations

Segue = to continue without break, immediate transition from one part to another

Supplicant = a person who makes a humble request

Venerable = worthy of respect or reverence by reason of age, character or position

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