Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Word Skills

These words are from the book "Now You See Him" by Eli Gottlieb. I hope to have a short review of this book within a day or two (sooner if I can find the time to get it done).

Armamentarium = arsenal; resources for work in the field of medicine
Brazier = a person who works in brass
Carrel = small enclosure or space in the stack room of a library
Cavil = trivial faultfinding; to object when there is little reason to do so
Cognate = having the same nature or quality
Dyad = two units regarded as one; pair
Exurb = a region, generally semirural, beyond the suburbs of a city, inhabited largely by the upper-income group
Filial = suitable to or due from a son or daughter
Fulcral = exerting influence or pressure
Grandiloquent = using pompous words or expressions
Hecatomb = large scale sacrifice or slaughter
Hippogriff = a mythical monster with the hindquarters of a horse and the head and wings of a griffin
Illimitable = without limits or bounds
Ineffable = too overwhelming to be expressed or described in words
Insouciance = calm and untroubled, carefree or indifferent
Moue = a pouting grimace
Nimbus = halo or aura
Originary = primitive, primary, original
Pantheon = a building in which famous dead people of a nation are entombed or commemorated
Pantisocracy = a utopian community in which all rule equally
Picaresque = sharp-witted vagabond or rogue
Propitiate = appease; win or regain the good will of
Quicksilvery = of or like mercury
Sepulchral = dismal, gloomy, melancholy
Wiggy = wild, exciting, crazy; pompously formal or elegant

And this was my favorite:

┼░berdorky = exhibiting qualities of incompetence, social maladjustment, fashion retardation or just general dumbness that far exceeds those possessed by a run-of-the-mill dork

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