Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Mail Call

Two new books to read showed up in my mailbox this past week:

1. "Two Become One" by Karen Mason ... and ...
2. "Overtime, Under Him" -- an anthology by authors N.J. Walters, Susie Charles and Jan Springer.

I also received bookmarks from Sherryl Woods and Michael Davis!


Kristi said...

Thanks for visiting my mailbox! The title Overtime, Under Him makes me laugh! My family got tired of me using everything from toilet paper to twist ties for bookmarks - so they pick them up for me where ever they go! I now love bookmarks!

LuAnn said...

Hi, Kristi! I also pick up bookmarks wherever I go. As a journalist, I often attend different trade shows and someone's always handing them out, so I grab them. Since they are thin cardboard, they tend to fall apart after a couple books. I've even made some of my own. I have quite a few from different authors, but I tend to keep them safe. Not sure why. I suppose I should use them! LOL.
Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog and have added it to my browser's "bookmarks!"