Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Poor little bunnies! Easter is in two days and here they are ... trapped! I'll bet they never thought they would find themselves in this predicament.
Where will be you be on Sunday? Visiting family? Relaxing? Going to church? Or stuck in a basket?
I plan to use Sunday as a special day of rest. I'll check my e-mails, of course (otherwise they get out of hand) but other than that, I hope to take most of the day off. If the weather is nice, I hope to take a drive through our local wildlife refuge. Maybe I'll see some real bunnies!


Georgia said...

Since when do we have a wildlife refuge?????
Where is it at???
That would be great to do.

LuAnn said...

Oh, my goodness! Next time you are up here, we will have to take a drive. There are 23,000 acres of natural habitat starting at just 6 miles outside of town. Eric's family were homesteaders and there is a Morgan Lake and Morgan Lake Road that were named for his great uncle Simon Morgan. Much of that land is now under the refuge umbrella. It is shrub steppe area so it's very open, but we do a lot of hiking in the area.