Thursday, April 10, 2008

When I Fall in Love

I’ve always been a fan of Iris Rainer Dart’s novels and this book is another reason why.
Dart is such a smooth writer. Her books, even when tension mounts, are so relaxing.
“When I Fall in Love” is the story of a woman who seems to have everything. She’s writes comedy scripts for a successful TV sitcom, has a wonderful teen-age son and is engaged to a successful doctor. Idyllic, right?
In a matter of a few days, it all changes. She gets a new boss she can’t stand. Then, her son is shot by the housekeeper’s enraged and violent husband, leaving him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. As she learns to cope with her son’s disability, she begins to grow farther and farther away from her fiancé … and closer and closer to her boss, the last person on Earth she ever would have imagined falling in love with.
Yet, he's the one who stepped up to the plate to offer support to her son, while her fiancé (the doctor, no less!) didn't seem to want to face the truth -- that the boy may not be off on his own within a year, leaving them to a life of just the two of them, with no distractions.
It’s a book about choices and doing what is right for yourself and those you love.
If you’ve never read one of Dart’s books, this would be a good one to start with. Very enjoyable.

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