Friday, April 4, 2008


Celia A. Leaman has given readers a collection of priceless short stories in the book “Journeys.” These seven tales take us through the lives of a variety of characters who find peace amid the sadness that has enveloped them.
The stories demonstrate there is always something better ahead, no matter how desperate we feel at the time. My favorite is "Angels Along the Way." It tells of a woman who fondly recalls an aunt who was very special in her life. She returns after many years to visit her and they discuss the true meaning of life. She feels she hasn't accomplished anything important and her aunt admonishes her by saying, "Ah, but my dear, a person doesn't have to make the news or win a medal to feel they've achieved something ... if you reach your grave in as wholesome a way as you can, believe me, my dear, you've achieved something."
Isn't that a great line!
This book is a fast read at only 84 pages, yet it is truly thought provoking and enjoyable.

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Devonshirebabe said...

LuAnn, thank you so much for the great comments regarding my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am enjoying your blog. It's interesting that you enjoyed that particular story. Although not everything in the story is true, some facts are. I imagined the visit though; sadly, she's been passed on for a lot of years now. Everyone should be blessed with such a dear person in their lives; it would make a difference. Celia L.