Thursday, April 3, 2008

In defense of E-books

There's a blog floating around out there that really rags on e-books. The "writer" claims that anyone can publish an e-book and they are all junk. I'm not going to justify the blog by providing a link and I don't even want to leave a comment on it. I prefer to write my own post and share my feelings about it.
First, let me say that I do prefer to read a printed book. I like being able to lean back on my pillow and hold that novel in my hands.
But, I have read e-books and I do have several downloaded on my computer. One in particular I have been asked to review.
There are some great books out there in cyberspace. And, of course, there are some not so great ones, as well. HOWEVER, there are also some printed books that I have absolutely hated and some authors that are considered classics that I have yet to be able to finish one of their books.
Just like there are good and bad movies, good and bad art and good and bad food, there will always be good and bad books and authors. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH E-BOOK PUBLISHING!
Now, on a similar note, I wonder if the writer of that blog has ever checked out some of the e-book sites that publish the truly classic novels. These are books that have been around for enough years that the copyrights have expired and there are groups that now publish them on the web. For example, at, you can download and read hundreds of classic novels. Authors include Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, Jack London, L. Frank Baum, Washington Irving, Willa Cather, H.G. Wells and more. The site also features writings by former presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson.
At, there are books that date back to the first century.
These sites are great for finding books that are out of print or those that used book stores ask ridiculous prices for just because they are classics.
Current writers are utilizing e-books to get their novels out there to a broader sector of readers. It's quick and easy to download a book and very inexpensive. And with the combined price of over $20 for a hardback and $4 per gallon for the gas to get to the bookstore, many people simply can't afford to be running around town looking for a book to read. Plus, for those who are trying to live "green," e-books save those trees!
There are many great reads on the e-book web sites and the blog author who is putting down this new generation of writers has no clue what she is talking about!
I, for one, will continue to support this newest sector of the industry. Writing is not an easy field to break into and the writers of these e-books have my sincere respect. They deserve yours, too!


lyn_jay58 said...

A classy, professional response, Lu Ann. I didn't leave a comment on this persons blog either. I felt as though that was giving her the publicity she obviously craved. Narrow minded people have no peripheral vision, it seems. In every venue of literature, there will be found, the great, the mediocre, and the down-right awful. But there seems to be a reader for them all.........Lynda Coker

Sandy said...

I have to admit that at one time I thought the same way. Since then, I have read some epubs, and although some of them were horrible, I was astounded at how good some of them were. I couldn't help wondering why weren't they published by NY?