Monday, April 14, 2008

A Bend in the Road

What can I say about Nicholas Sparks? He is one of the best writers around and I have enjoyed all the books I've read by him. This book has to be one of his best! It has lots unexpected twists.
The story is about a woman who dies when hit by a car as she is walking along the road. She leaves behind her young boy and husband.
The husband just happens to be a deputy with the local sheriffs department, so even after two years, he still hasn't given up the quest to find out who killed his wife. The case has gone cold, yet he continues to go over and over the files in hopes that, one day, his questions will be answered.
He thinks he's finally beginning to get over her death after meeting a young woman who he is attracted to. They start a relationship and everything seems to be going great until ....
Well, you'll have to read the book yourself to find out what happens. This book is just too good to give it away.
Interspersed throughout the story are comments by the man who was driving the car. He expresses his feelings and tells what actually happened. Even though I figured out who he was before his identity was revealed, I still enjoyed the rest of the book. That's unusual. I often give up on a book if I figure out the answer to the mystery before the author is ready to tell us whodunit!
Not so with any Sparks book I've read. I love his writing!

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