Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Thousand Country Roads

Robert James Waller is a natural-born storyteller and I just love reading his books. "The Bridges of Madison County" was the first of his novels that I read years ago after watching the movie by the same name. The epilogue is just as beautifully written.
"A Thousand Country Roads" takes the reader on a romantic journey of the main character of "Bridges." Waller said many readers had asked to know what happened to Robert Kincaid after he left Madison County. In this book, Kincaid is on his way to revisit the place where he met the love of his life and we get to meet some very special people along his path.
The book not only tells us what took place after "Bridges," it also introduces us to the events that shaped Kincaid's life.
And, of course, Waller does this with his usual style and grace. He's a superb writer and one of the best around.
If you have the opportunity to read this book, you should definitely take the time to do so. It's wonderful!

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