Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Three Christmases of William Spencer

By Derek Blount

From the back of the book:

“Christmas is always special, but even more so if your birthday falls on the same day. As William Spencer celebrates his birthday each year on December 25 – first as a child in rural America in the 1930s, and then as a World War II veteran, husband and father – he learns that, no matter what his circumstances, happiness is an attitude, not a condition.”

This is absolutely a lovely little book. With just 56 pages, it’s a tale everyone should include on their holiday reading list. And it would make a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift.

I chose this book to kick off the holiday season here at Reading Frenzy because today is also my own birthday. Even though it’s not the same day as the main character, it’s a good excuse to ring in Christmas!

The book centers around three specific Christmases. The first is 1930 and William Spencer turns 7 years old on December 25. He has asked for a specific gift and is anxiously waiting to see if it’s under the tree.

The second story is 1963 and William is remembering a long lost friend and confidant, one he watched die on the battlefield. As he comes to terms with his loss, he learns to pass the secret of happiness on to his own son.

The final tale takes place in the present day – 2010. William is quite aged now and is lonely because he’s now alone as his wife and son both died several years ago. He’s prayed for one last gift – that he be with Gracie again. Will he remember the secret to happiness before it’s too late?

I simply adore this book and it will be one I read to kick off each holiday season from now on.

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