Friday, December 24, 2010

On Christmas Eve

By Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

From the book jacket:

“Lucy and Charlie’s relationship has been on the rocks. With the newfound confidence that comes with her nursing career, Lucy realizes she doesn’t need to put up with Charlie’s nonsense anymore. But just as she’s about to call it quits, a lost-looking teenager crosses her path. … Seeing that the girl is sick and alone, Lucy takes her in despite Charlie’s protests.

Betty is a busy woman, but with a grown son embarking on his own life, and an ex-husband starting a new family, she realizes she’s been too busy to find a life partner of her own. That is until Santa bears an unexpected gift at the Rotary Club’s Christmas party: himself. … Has the holiday cheer gone to her head, or is she really attracted to a struggling magazine writer who plays dress-up?”

I hadn’t read any of the Cape Light novels before, so this was a good opportunity to try one. The authors made the book interesting and even though it was full novel length, it was a fast read during this busy time of year.

Although I could tell who was writing which part of the book, I still enjoyed it and the cover is gorgeous with one of Thomas Kinkade’s lovely paintings.

This book is really two stories in one and both are fun reads. However, they don’t really seem to connect, so I wish the authors would have written them as separate books. That took a bit away from the book as I kept waiting to see how they would blend together.

And that’s why I gave this novel only 4 books instead of 5, which would have put it on the list of one of my favorite holiday reads. Still, it’s well worth your time to pick this one up or choose it for a gift this Christmas.

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Suko said...

LuAnn, this book sounds enjoyable. Have a lovely Christmas with your family. :)