Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Paper Bag Christmas

By Kevin Alan Milne

From the book jacket:

“When Molar Alan and his older brother, Aaron, fill out their Christmas wish lists front and back, the Santa at the mall informs the boys they won’t be getting anything they asked for. Instead, he says, they will receive everything they never wanted. This isn’t your garden-variety Santa, he’s Dr. Chris Ringle, a pediatric oncologist, and he enlists the brothers as Santa’s elves at the children’s ward for the holidays.”

The two boys in this story find themselves having to volunteer at the cancer wing of the local children’s hospital where they encounter issues they haven’t faced yet in their young lives. As they meet the kids who may or may not survive their illnesses, they learn some key lessons about what’s important in life.

I was so pleasantly surprised with this book. It’s rare that someone can take this sensitive a topic and turn it into a positive read.

The story is absolutely charming and well worth taking the time to read it. I know I’m glad I did!

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