Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Shorts

I have quite a variety of short stories downloaded to my computer. Many of them were free reads offered by e-book publishing houses and authors on their websites. That's common practice this time of year as a way to show their appreciation to their loyal readers. These are just a handful of the ones I picked up the last few years:

A Kiss on the Wind by Marty Kindall
The Wild Rose Press – 8 pages

Sarah Monroe has just finished decorating the Christmas tree – except for the angel on top – that her father bought to distract the family from the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor when her fiancĂ© shows up to tell her he’s joined the Army. With plans of a May wedding, she feels a terrible fear. But he’s determined to show her she has nothing to be afraid of.

Winter’s Kiss by Meg Allison
Samhain Publishing – 5 pages

It’s Christmas Eve and Jake is working late. With the winter storm, his skills as a mechanic and tow truck driver are indeed needed. As he watches out the window of the garage, he sees a small figure approaching.

The Christmas Angel by Nita Wick
Published by the author – 14 pages

Colin is shopping for a Christmas tree with his 3-year-old son when the little boy is attracted to a woman he thinks must be an angel. In fact, he’s so entranced with her that he asks her if they can take her home. Soon, Colin finds himself equally enchanted.

Thieved by Kim Smith
Published by the author – 8 pages

It’s only 10 days until Christmas and Shannon is at the mall looking for a last-minute gift for her aunt. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a teen snatches her purse. She decides to go back to the mall the next day and watch for the boy to return. With her friend Dwayne in tow, they end up getting more than they bargained for.

White Collar Christmas by Misty Evans
Samhain Publishing – 7 pages

Sara is working undercover as a chauffeur. What she doesn’t know is her new “boss” is also an agent and is determined to make sure she succeeds at her job. She has no idea the profile she read on him was fake. When he invites her into his home for a drink, she seizes the opportunity to do some snooping.

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