Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doodle While You Work

By Staffan Gnosspelius

From the back of the book:

“A clever collection of half-finished doodles for the bored, daydreaming, and distracted. Survive long meetings, endless conference calls, and the general tedium of everyday office life. Sharpen your pencils, take your eyes off the clock, and let your mind wander.”

Doodling is something I really believe everyone does – even if they don’t realize it or don’t want to admit it. Google the word “doodle” and you’ll be amazed at what come up. Did you know there is even a day dedicated to doodling? Or that there are psychological meanings behind doodles?

Well, artist Staffan Gnosspelius has offer the solution to releasing our inner doodler. This book is simply a collection of doodle pages. Each one starts with a small piece of a picture and gives you a prompt to finish the doodle.

Here’s a fun page … it features a keyhole and asks you to draw what’s happening in the boss’ office. Or there’s the page with the light pole with surveillance cameras in the parking lot and you’re asked to draw what the cameras see. Or you can draw what you see outside your window inside the frame.

What fun! Not only does this book provide an outlet for your creativity, it’s also a great time waster. Who could ask for anything more?

So, if you find yourself bored at work, pick up this book and go to town. It’s bound to provide you with a laugh or two to brighten an otherwise drab day!

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