Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Handy Law Answer Book

By David L. Hudson Jr.

From the back of the book:

“Every day we encounter the rules of law – from the time we decide to get married or perhaps divorced, to making purchases with our credit cards or dealing with bankruptcy. Who couldn’t use a legal primer that answers hundreds of questions related to the history and practice of law in the United States? Let ‘The Handy Law Answer Book’ help you navigate the system.”

Have you ever wondered what they were talking about when you watched a trial on TV or read about one in the paper? This book gives simple, straightforward answers to your many legal questions.

It begins with a history of our legal system. You’ll learn about constitutional law, the Bill of Rights and the court system. You’ll also learn about lawyers and lawsuits, criminal procedures and more.

This book is written in layman’s terms so you’ll understand what you’ve wondered about all these years. The author writes honestly about the legal system and truly answers questions many people ask.

For example, in the section on employment law, you’ll learn whether or not an employer can force you to take a drug test or polygraph test. You’ll find out that, yes, your employer can read your work email on your work computer and that, yes, employers must provide time for lunch and breaks if you work a full day.

You’ll also learn about family law, personal injury law and more.

As a journalist, I had to learn a lot of what is found in this book, so I was somewhat familiar with these laws prior to reading the book. I like the fact that now I know more than I did before and that’s always a good thing. Learning is a lifelong process and we should all become familiar with our rights and responsibilities as good citizens. This book can definitely help us do that.

So, next time you have what you think is a simple legal question, see if you can find the answer in this book before trying to track down an expensive attorney. Then, if you need more assistance, pay that legal expert $200 or more an hour. But if this book can help you, for $21.95, you’ve saved a boatload of money!

Well written, informative and helpful. This is a book I definitely recommend.

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