Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday Word Skills ... on Friday

Here are more words from Lev Grossman's book "The Magicians."

Pedagogy = the profession or function of a teacher; teaching. The art of science of teaching, especially instruction in teaching methods.

Plashing = bending and intertwining (branches, stems, etc.) so as to form a hedge.

Plenary = full, complete, absolute; for attendance by all members.

Scrim = a light, sheer, loosely woven cotton or linen cloth used for curtains, upholstery linings, etc.; a hanging of such cloth used in theatrical productions either as an opaque backdrop or as a semitransparent curtain, depending on the lighting.

Sangfroid = cool self-possession or composure.

Sigil = a seal, signet; an image or sign thought to have some mysterious power in magic or astrology.

Syllogism = an argument or form of reasoning in which two statements or premises are made and a logical conclusion is drawn from them. Reasoning from the general to the particular; deductive logic. An instance of subtle, tricky or specious reasoning.

Verger = a person who carries a rod or staff symbolic of an office before a bishop, dean, etc., in a procession. A church caretaker or usher.

Warren = a piece of land enclosed for the breeding of game; a space or limited area in which rabbits breed or are numerous; any building or group of buildings like a rabbit warren.

Actinic = having to do with that property of ultraviolet light, x-rays or other radiations by which chemical changes are produced.

Cacodemon = an evil spirit or devil.


Yvette Kelly said...

You know the word "sangfroid" I imagine to be french based as "sang" means without in french and "froid" is the cold in french so translated directly is "without cold" which would indirectly mean the english version of it.

LuAnn said...

Hmmm. It is an interesting word, isn't it?