Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Smile Back by Amy Koppelman

I read this book quite a while back and I honestly thought I had posted the review ... until I found it in my "to do" files. Hmmm? Well, here's my take on this great book.
Now, as many of you know -- and it doesn't take long to realize this by looking at my previous reviews -- I hardly ever give five books to a novel. That's like the toughest test of a book for me.
However, this book made the grade and here's why:

From the back of the book:

“We live in an era that believes in the idea of rehabilitation and counts on the possibility of redemption. The thing is, not everyone gets better and even those who find salvation often leave a wake of destruction behind them.”

Laney has the life many women dream of … a loving husband, children, a nice home.

But there is a side of Laney they don’t want.

Laney is an addict. She is hooked on alcohol, drugs and men. And when the pressures get to be too much, she snaps.

“I Smile Back” is a very intense read but one I thoroughly enjoyed. Amy Koppelman has a way with words that pulls you into the story and keeps you reading long after you should have stopped for sleeping, eating, etc., etc.

If you plan to read this book, I recommend you find a time when you won’t be disturbed.

Within the first chapter, you will know Laney intimately. And even with all her problems and even though you’d like to slap some sense into her, she will get into your heart.

Of course, there’s no feeling sorry for her because she did bring it on herself. But you will want to help her. She’s that likeable.

Koppelman is a wonderful writer and I’m anxious to see what the future holds for this young author.

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Mishel said...

Wow you totally got me hooked! I'm defnitely gonna get myself a copy of this =)