Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Place for Delta

By Melissa Walker

From the book jacket:

“Joseph can hardly believe what he has been asked to do. His Aunt Kate is waiting for him at a research station and needs help taking care of an orphaned polar bear cub only a few months old. He will leave his friends and family and venture to the farthest northern town in the United State: Barrow, Alaska.”

This children’s book was an absolute delight to read. The story takes place in the frozen frontier of Alaska where poachers are determined to kill off the polar bears in a certain area. They are hired to clear that area of any wildlife that would prevent the expansion of the harvesting of natural resources, i.e. oil.

When the research team finds a polar bear cub, they later discover her mother is one of the victims of the hired killers. So, they set out to raise the bear, even though she has a serious health condition – low growth hormones.

Kate is one of the newest additions to the team and she is given the task of working with the cub. But she has other duties that are pressing, so she suggests they fly her nephew in to assist with the little one. After all, it’s summer break and he would be a great asset to the team.

When Joseph arrives, the cub – who has been named Delta – takes to him right away.

Thus begins this treasured story of love, compassion and ecological importance. It’s a book that will teach young people about preserving our wildlife and nature’s heritage to us.

Well written and containing beautiful illustrations, this would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s person library … no matter what your age!

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Suko said...

LuAnn, I also read this beautiful story. Now my daughter is enjoying it. Excellent review!