Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eight Days in Darkness: The True Story of the Abduction, Rape and Rescue of Anita Wooldridge

By Angela Roegner, LCSW, and Anita Wooldridge

From the book jacket:

“On June 25, 1998, Anita Wooldridge was taken from her parents’ home in broad daylight by a convicted rapist. For eight terrifying days, Anita was savagely beaten and raped by her captor, who locked her in a metal storage cabinet for hours at a time.”

This book is definitely not for the squeamish. With graphic detail and brutal honesty, Anita Wooldridge shares her story with the reader. She tells you exactly how it was for her as she spent eight days with a convicted rapist who had been let out of jail early for good behavior and because his elderly mother needed him to help take care of her.

As Anita shares her story, you cheer on the police officers who are doing everything they can to find her, which is no easy task given the fact her captor has taken her to another state.

The story takes us step by step through the eight days and we learn how Anita was able to stay alive while maintaining faith that she would be rescued.

Writing the book was a final step to healing for Anita and she did it with the help of her counselor Angela Roegner. These are obviously Anita’s own words and gives great insight into what she endured.

It’s an excellent book and if you are able to handle this sort of read, I’d highly recommend it.


JenS said...

It sounds like a great book for any women struggling with similar issues: rape, incest.

mis(h)takes said...

I read & reviewed this one recently and really enjoyed the fact that it read like a fiction book. It made the details and information easier to read.

Great review!