Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Short Story Review: A Bargain With Death

One of my favorite writers is Hywela Lyn and her short story "A Bargain With Death" is one example of her extraordinary talent.

Here is a young woman who trades her soul with Death so her wounded lover will live. It's nothing short of lovely the way this is written. This story, only 8 pages, gives a great example of this author's ability.

Hywela lives in England and writes mainly futuristic stories (she has a very vivid imagination).

To find out more about Hywela Lyn stop by her Web site or blog and check out her books.


Suko said...

LuAnn, I hadn't heard of this author before, but I will keep an eye out for her work.

I hope to post a short story review before too long! :)

Veens said...

The story soundslike an emotional read. I would love to read it.
I had not heard of this author either, thanks for bringing her to my attention!