Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dino Vicelli, Private Eye: In a World of Evil

By Lori Weiner

From the back of the book:

“This story transports the reader to an alternate-reality version of New York City, in which talking dogs interact regularly with humans. The hero, Dino Vicelli, is a private investigator who just happens to be a sharply dressed Italian greyhound with a great fondness for cigars. He takes on what initially appears to be a routine missing person case but soon finds himself in the midst of a sinister plot that involves kidnapping, murder, and bizarre scientific experiments aimed at controlling the world.”

Gosh, what can I say about this book? Different? Unusual? Bizarre? Fun to read?

All of the above?

This was my first experience at reading one of the new generation of talking animal books. I’ve seen several, so I figured I might as well give one a try.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to react to this private eye who just happens to be a dog. He lives in this world where animals and people coexist together and no one thinks it’s strange if the bartender is a dog or the main character dons a hat and no one recognizes him?

Just crazy, good fun, I tell you!

So, anyway, Dino is hired to find a man’s wife who has disappeared and next thing you know, everyone is trying to get him off the case and he’s being accused of murder. Makes you wonder what’s really going on, huh?

Interesting read by a woman who has quite the imagination! Just a little too “out there” for me, but it was fun for a change of pace in my reading.

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