Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog Tour: 18 Billion

By Jack Gresham

From the back of the book:

“In Washington, D.C., a cell of Afghan terrorists – armed with a nuclear weapon – conspire to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of New York of eighteen billion dollars. They plan to fund and curry favor with Mohammed of Babylon, an international negotiator and proponent of peaceful jihad who is rumored to be the Mahdi, the prophesied redeemer of Islam.”

This book has an intriguing and interesting premise and the author definitely did his homework when he researched the possibilities of what could and couldn’t happen. Jack Gresham did keep me reading to find out what was going to happen next.

Would the government be able to meet the terrorists’ demands or would Washington, D.C., disappear off the face of the earth when the nuclear bomb detonates? Would the agents sent to find and destroy the cell be successful or would the terrorists continue to expand their reign of destruction?

Enter Mohammed. He was raised to be the savior of the Islam world. He led a somewhat sheltered life as he was trained for his role.

He grew up away from his family, never even knowing he had a mother until he reached the age where he would move into the world in his prophesied role.

Yet, he somehow learned compassion and believes jihad can only be attained through peaceful measures. So, he sets out to ensure no one dies and the stolen money is somehow returned to its rightful owners without offending his followers.

“18 Billion” really was an interesting and intriguing read. It is a story that will make you wonder if such a scenario could actually occur.

For that reason alone, “18 billion” is a book more people should read.

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Margo Dill said...

This sounds really interesting. I think I will see about finding a review copy for the column I write for the Champaign, IL newspaper each week. I am always looking for interesting books to appeal to all types of readers. Thanks for sharing.

Margo Dill