Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Word Skills

These words are from the novel "Jackson" by T.P. Jones.

Fillip = strike with the nail of a finger snapped from the end of the thumb; to tap or strike smartly.

Ukase = an edict or order; proclamation by an absolute or arbitrary authority.

Alter kocker = Someone who is inept at whatever he is trying to do.

Mahout = the keeper or driver of an elephant.

Obfuscation = confuse, bewilder, stupefy; make obscure or unclear.

Monstrance = a receptacle in which the consecrated Host is exposed for adoration.

Vitrine = a glass cabinet or case, esp. for displaying art objects.

Lunette = an area enframed by an arch or vault; a painting, sculpture or window filling such an area.

Gadfly = a person who persistently annoys or provokes others with criticism, schemes, ideas, demands, requests, etc.

Sunder = to separate; part; divide; sever.

Doyenne = a woman who is the senior member, as in age or rank, of a group, class, profession, etc.

Lappet = a small lap, flap, or loosely hanging part.

Dreck = worthless trash; junk.

Soughed = made a rushing, rustling or murmuring sound; preached in a whining, singsong voice.

Proscenium = the arch that separates a stage from the auditorium.

Verisimilitude = the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability.

Carrel = a small recess or enclosed area in a library stack, designed for individual study or reading.

Meshugge = senseless; crazy.

Momzer = a child born of a marriage forbidden in Judaism.

Bubke = absolutely nothing; something worthless.

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