Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review: Nibble & Kuhn

By David Schmahmann

From the back of the book:

“Two likeable newcomers learn the ropes of corporate law at Nibble & Kuhn – and fall in love – just as that most proper of Boston’s venerable firms comically tries to “rebrand” itself for the Google era. Pompous and arbitrary, the ruling junta of partners at N&K saddles Derek Dover with a high visibility lawsuit just weeks before trial. The diligent young attorney arranges things so that Maria Parma, his sassy aristocratic girl friend, also gets named to the case.”

Derek and Maria are in love. However, the cards are stacked against them. First, the partners of the firm don’t want any fraternizing with fellow employees. And second, Maria is engaged to be married … to someone else.

Throughout the book, I found myself rooting for this young couple. I really wanted them to find some way to be together.

They are both such likeable characters, especially Derek who is just a polite, pleasant fellow. He truly adores Maria and wants nothing more than to be with her always.

As for Maria, she’s a sweet girl who is trapped into a traditional life. She still lives with her parents and her forthcoming marriage borders on “arranged.”

I really liked the way this book was written. I’m not a fan of long, drawn-out “court” novels. I prefer to read the story behind the scenes of the legal battle (rather than the play-by-play court scenes) and that’s exactly how this book is written.

The author does keep the reader up-to-date on how the case is coming along, but the focus is on the people in the story. For example, there’s the big shot law partner who seems to be out to get Derek. He’s rude and you can’t help but hate the man, which I’m sure is what the author wants you to feel toward him.

Then, there is the woman hired to organize the offices and the staff. She’s a flat out kook and Derek’s interactions with her are, at times, quite humorous as he goes out of his way to give her grief while at the same time telling her he’s not working against her.

Plus, to top it off, Derek has an awesome secretary, an older woman who has been with the firm for years and treats him almost like the son she never had. She’s a fabulous character and I wonder if there is someone in the author’s life he modeled her after.

I liked this book a lot and I hope to have the opportunity to read more from this author in the future.

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