Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Do you have plans for tonight? We will stay home and pass out treats for little ghosts and goblins that appear on our doorstep, while my son and his wife takes our grandson out in his Yoda costume.

Our neighborhood is usually pretty quiet on Halloween. Not many houses on our street are lit up. Most people are off to parties or taking their kids trick-or-treating. So, because we’re just about the only house on the block with a light on, ghouls think it’s kind of a waste of time.

That means we enjoy even more the ones who do show up!

Here’s a little trivia about this spooky holiday: Why are bats one of the symbols of Halloween?

In ancient times, people gathered around giant bonfires to ward off evil spirits. Small flying insects were attracted to the warmth and bright lights these fires created … the same insects that were natural food for bats.

The people would see the bats flickering in and out of the light from the fire and they became part of the Halloween lore. This connection grew stronger with the discovery of the vampire bat in the 17th century and tales circulated throughout Europe of bats that drank blood.

It soon became a natural association – a creature that drinks the blood of its prey in the dark of night!

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Suko said...

Happy Halloween, LuAnn!