Sunday, October 30, 2011


Edited by Fiorella Congedo

From the book jacket:

This lovely book showcases the delicate copper engravings of birds created by Georges-Louis Leclerc, Compte de Buffon (1707-88), for his masterpiece work Histoire naturelle, générale et particuliére. The glorious birds captured within are original reproductions of Leclerc’s art, which depicts the vibrant hues of the birds’ feathers, the varying length of their wings, and their wide-eyed expressions as they stand perched, always alert for symbols of danger or other forms of life that might serve as their next meal.

Just my opinion:

If I could say I’m in love with a book, this would be the one. When I first opened the pages, I was instantly enthralled by the wonderful pictures.

Georges-Louis Leclerc, Compte de Buffon, was one of the most respected naturalists of his time. He created a very large series of copper engravings of the birds he came to appreciate and respect. Taking those same extraordinary pieces of art, Fiorella Congedo has compiled them into a book that is nothing less than fascinating. Anyone who recognizes the value of nature and-or art will enjoy gleaning the pages of this wonderful book.

Bonus: A DVD in included with the book that contains all the pictures on it – to be used by readers at their discretion!

As a nature lover, this book is one I will treasure for years to come. It will sit alongside my copy of Audubon’s book with those superb images of birds in their natural habitats.

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