Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

I'm posting this a day late because I've been without my computer since Thursday.

We had to replace a piece of ceiling in the room I use for my writing. Hubby took down one corner and dust was everywhere.

This isn't ordinary dust ... it's sheetrock dust, which is a fine white powder that settles over everything. In fact, he had to take out the smoke detector while he was working because the air was so full of dust, it kept going off.

He put a tarp over my work station to protect the computer, but it couldn't be removed until all the dust settled and it was cleaned up around my desk.

Finally, about an hour ago, everything was pretty much cleaned up and I powered up the old CPU, held my breath and watched Windows open. Whew! What a relief! I had this awful fear it was going to blow up, but all is well.

However, I spent the past hour going through emails. I have several addresses because each one is for a specific purpose. The emails were piled up and I had to sort, read, delete, etc.

Of course, not only did the emails pile up, but so did the work I needed to get done.

On a positive (I think!) note, being without my computer forced me to take a couple days off from working, which was probably a good idea because I have two weeks of non-stop writing ahead of me. Now, though, I think I'm addicted to HGTV!

So, here's my post for the Friday Fill-Ins, which is hosted by Janet at her blog, which you can find here. we go!

1. Where are my best friends from high school?
2. If wishes were horses I'd be unable to ride them.
3. I'd like to see more sunny days so I can take some pictures of my garden.
4. When I was a teen, I thought I'd never be as happy as I am today.
5. One of my mother's favorite sayings was don't marry a man like your father.
6. I'd have a hard time doing without my computer the last couple days.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching TV, tomorrow my plans include catching up on my emails and Sunday, I want to relax but I have so much work to do since my computer was down the last couple days!

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