Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Surviving a House Full of Whispers

By Sharon Wallace

From the back of the book:
"Sharon suffered continual physical and sexual abuse from her stepfather for seven years. Unfortunately, no one would listen to her or believe her story. At age 16, she finally finds the courage to flee from her tormentors."

What a terrifying life Sharon Wallace endured as a young girl. Absolutely frightening!

She was beaten, tortured, raped and forced to kill small animals. It's amazing she even lived through it to tell the world her story.

But she did and this book is the result.

It's too bad the world around us takes such little interest. Perhaps if someone had attempted to find out about this little girl, the nightmare could have ended sooner. Instead, she had to rely on her own strength and survival instincts and was eventually able to escape.

This may not be an easy book to read for some. It is graphic and Sharon pulls no punches in describing what she lived through.

I enjoyed the book and I wish Sharon the very best. She definitely deserves it after what she went through.


Missy said...

I read this one, too. I can't believe what Sharon endured...and to write about it! She's one strong lady...I won't ever forget this book.

Meghana said...

Would read this book....thanks for the review.

Do you read books related to Indian culture ?Would love to have your reviews on these books also

LuAnn said...

Hi, Missy. Yes, it is amazing what Sharon went through.

Meghana, thanks for stopping by. I read anything and everything. If an author or publisher asks me to review a book on Indian culture, I would love to do that!