Friday, September 25, 2009

The Lie

By Fredrica Wagman

From the back of the book:

“Ramona Smollens has a chance meeting on a park bench with an older man, Solomon Columbus. The two become lovers, and soon Ramona is leaving the home of her mother and recently deceased father for marriage and the trappings of adult life. She takes with her a dark family secret, the sort of secret one simply did not talk about, one that would stalk her as she matured into her role of wife and mother.”

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve missed reading books by this author. Fredrica Wagman writes with such raw and revealing emotion.

In this story, the main character is so absolutely dysfunctional, yet she is trying so hard to “conform” to the standards set for women in the 1950s – be a wife and a mother; make a good home; keep your husband happy.

Ramona has different ideas, though. She learns about being a woman from watching movies. She idolizes Rita Hayworth and wants to be just like her.

She wants the look and the romance she sees on the silver screen. But, alas, life isn’t Hollywood and she has to begin coming to terms with that.

I just love the way Fredrica writes. She's now one of my favorite authors and I definitely plan to read more of her books. In fact, I just finished her book “Playing House,” another compelling novel I will be posting a review for soon.

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