Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Mail Call

I have been neglecting my blog because of my busy schedule lately. I know, that’s no excuse and I am planning to get caught up. So, here is a list of some of the books I’ve received in the mail over the past month. I will get it updated soon.

Also, I’ve been working on writing up book reviews and will be having them posted soon. So, bear with me and don’t give up on my blog. Lots of fun stuff will happen the next couple weeks!

1. Believe by Jennifer Silvera (GoodReads)

2. Dying for Mercy by Mary Jane Clark

3. Dragon House by John Shors

4. NurtureShock by PO Bronson and Ashley Merryman

5. Meant To Be by Denise A. Agnew (included some great promotional items)

6. Playing House by Frederica Wagman

7. The Lennon Prophecy by Joseph Niezgoda

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