Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Celtic Princess are you?

I took this test this morning. You should try it. Here are my results!

What Celtic priestess are you?
You are a Priestess of Blodeuwedd At your best you are logical, intellectual, idealistic, rational, objective, social, clever, inquisitive and adaptable.

But focus your inner work so that you do not become detached, unaffected, scattered, impractical, inconsistent, superficial, overly analytical or shallow.

The challenge you seek to address is: How can you reclaim the energies tied up in maintaining false perceptions of your selves and the word?

Your guide is the Owl: teach you to see past the darkness of illusion to find truth and to hold fast to your convictions.

Blodeuwedd is the Lady of Initiation. She calls us to cast off the garments of expectation and to peer into the darkness of the self to find, and ultimately live, our inner truth.

You are now a priestess of the Coven of the Callanish led by Lady Morag in the story ANCIENT WHISPERS which was in part inspired by the Pagan Avalonian Tradition. You can help get ANCIENT WHISPERS published by casting your vote
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