Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sojourn With a Stranger

One thing I like more than anything when I read it to pick up a book and get hooked by the first sentence or paragraph.

K. Celeste Bryan does that with “Sojourn with a Stranger.” Check this out:

Under a gray sky, Derek stared out the nine-pane window in his study and watched the leaves dance at the feet of the massive oaks.”

Doesn’t that hook reel you right in?

This book is actually what I call a novella. At only 135 pages, it’s perfect for a rainy day when you want to curl up for a couple hours and enjoy the warmth of a plushy comforter!

Besides, it’s a fun read that I know you’ll enjoy.

Tomorrow, Kat will join me here at Reading Frenzy to talk about her books, her writing and her hobbies. I know you’ll enjoy learning more about her.

Please, join us for a great interview!

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