Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Unusual Blog

I found this blog today and wanted to share it with my readers.
It's called "Unusual Historicals" and it's written by authors of historical romance. It's really an interesting blog. The authors discuss the actual facts about the people they choose for characters in their books.
Lot of pictures and a few contests sprinkled in here and there make for a great place to visit each day.
I was particularly interested in Lisa Yarde's entry about William the Conqueror as he is a distant ancestor of mine.
You can find the blog at
Check it out!


flo said...

Every time I visit your blog I find a gem :).. I love historical romances and have often wondered how they write them and this site answers my questions.. Thank you again ( I think I am gonna thank you each time I read your blog ).

LuAnn said...

Thanks, Flo! I started a new posts today that I call "Sunday Surfing." My plan is to post on Sundays some of the great sites I find while surfing the Internet during the week.

flo said...

Yes, saw that and looking forward to the next one. BTW having William the Conqueror as an ancestor must be great:D..