Monday, July 7, 2008

Lake News

This is one of Barbara Delinsky’s earlier novels, yet the reader can already see the accomplished writer she was destined to become.
As many of you know, Barbara is one of my favorite authors. I truly enjoy her novels and “Lake News” was no exception. The characters in this story also appear in some of her later books, although each one can stand on its own.
The books aren’t a series, per se, but the reader can follow the succession of events from one to the other.
In “Lake News,” we first meet these personable characters of Lily and John, who meet after Lily is accused in the media of having an affair with the newly appointed Cardinal of the church. She has known Father Fran for years and he has always been an important person in her life. When a reporter traps her into making certain statements that he, then, takes out of context to throw out the heart-breaking accusations, she returns to her hometown of Lake Henry, New Hampshire.
There, she gets involved with John, who is the editor of the local paper. He is determined to help her clear her name and get back the life she had to give up.
This is a great book and Barbara does an excellent job of demonstrating the difference between good and bad journalism.

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