Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Killer Year: Stories To Die For

Well-known crime writer Lee Child edited this book of a variety of stories written by some of the newer authors of the genre. The result is a mélange that will take the reader on a journey like no other.
These are crime and mystery stories, which I’m pretty particular about when I read them. I’ve found few writers that do the genre justice, but I did enjoy several of these stories.
One of my favorites is the tale of two young boys who discover a girl hiding in their secret meeting place. She takes them on a rousing adventure and then disappears as mysteriously as she appeared.
Was she real or a figment of their imaginations?
That’s up to the reader to decide, I suppose.
Each story is introduced by a known writer, who gives a little background about the author.
Whether or not you like crime stories, you will want to give this book a try. I’m sure there is a story or two you’ll enjoy.

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