Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Indiana Jones

I’ve always been a fan of the Indiana Jones movies. When I found out a new one was filmed, I waited impatiently for it to premiere.
I counted down the weeks. I kept my eye on the advertisements for the area theaters.
Lo and behold, there it was! Listed to be shown at the local showhouse.
My husband and I went on the second night it was being shown. The seats were crowded, but we still got a good spot in the center near the front. We bought our popcorn and sodas and I sat through the previews of coming attractions in anticipation.
I wasn’t disappointed.
No matter what anyone says, Harrison Ford can still do Indiana Jones!
I’m not really sure why I enjoy the Indiana Jones films so much. After all, they are kind of unbelievable. Yet, the producers manage to pull it off so well that it becomes such fun.
I seriously doubt if there will be another one of these films. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull pretty much ended the adventures, as far as I can tell. Anything else would probably be too much of a stretch.
But they did an excellent job at making this movie. If you get the chance to see it, don’t pass up the opportunity. You’ll be glad you went.

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Maryann Miller said...

Lu Ann, good review and I wish I could share your enthusiasm for this latest movie, but in my opinion, Harrison Ford was not on top of his game here. In fact, a lot of the acting seemed to be a little flat compared to other Indiana Jones films. We just watched the marathon of old films prior to seeing the new one and there was some disappointment there for me. But not enough to say don't go to the movie. It is still what fans of the character will enjoy.