Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I admit I’ve never been a big fan of John Grisham’s books about lawyers and trials, but I do enjoy his novels that feature other plots. “Bleachers” is one of them.
It’s the story about a small town where everyone supports the high school football team after it becomes one of the best in the state. It’s where you’ll find nearly every person on Friday nights – sitting in the bleachers rooting for the boys.
Yet, behind the scenes is the story of a coach who borders on abusive toward the kids. He expects the best from his team and will do anything to get that. Granted, it meant they were champions because (or in spite) of his attitude, but it also meant events transpired that were often kept secret from parents and friends.
“Bleachers” truly is one of Grisham’s best books. There are several reasons why I liked it.
One, I love football. In fact, the doctor who delivered me and my younger sister was Vince Lombardi’s brother, so we kind of have a stake in the sport.
Secondly, I currently live in a small town that supports all the school sports teams, although not at such a grand scale. The book gave me a new perspective on that.
Third, in a small town, people do tend to overlook the transgressions of those they admire. Whether that person is a government official, a police officer or a coach/teacher, they simply do not want to hear that person isn’t what they believe.I’m not sure if someone who doesn’t enjoy or understand football would enjoy “Bleachers,” but I hope they give it a try nonetheless. It is a good book.

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