Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Blue Pen

By Lisa Rusczyk

Description of the book:

When magazine writer Parker meets homeless woman Cleo, he decides to interview her to find out the story of how she became homeless. Over several days, Cleo describes going from recluse to star of an improvisation club, where people channel spirits and explore the paranormal side of life. Parker is being blackmailed by another reporter to take Cleo's story and must find a way to keep Cleo's tale his while not letting her down in the process.

Just my opinion:

This story follows the life of a homeless woman after she tells a reporter how she came to be in the position she was living in when he found her. It is a tale I found fascinating and I kept reading in anticipation of finding out how she came to be homeless.

Well-written and intriguing, it’s a timeless story that will make you appreciate what you have and understand those less fortunate in a different light.

Some favorite passages from the book:

Destiny isn't a romantic boat ride where the water lilies dance in the moonlight. It isn't mysterious. Destiny decides things for you, tortures you with obsessions and compulsions to follow its direction. It's a child with a matchbook crouching near a dead tree stump. I can't ever forget it's out there, calculating with every move I make how it can fry me right along where it wants me to go.

A little grass won't kill you, or other drugs in moderation. Other things do, like the way the world is.

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Suko said...

This does sound fascinating, LuAnn!