Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review: All Men Are Cremated Equal

By Elizabeth Fournier

From the back of the book:

“Elizabeth chronicles her true life dating spree as a marriage-minded mortician in her mid-30’s. Set off by her broken engagement, she enlists everyone in sight to set her up on blind dates in a passionate quest to meet just one really great guy. Armed with a 10-point list of dating criteria, skintight jeans, and flash cards on Nascar, football, and mirco-breweries, she spends one full year doing the blind meet and greet.”

This was kind of a fun book to read. Elizabeth Fournier shares some great anecdotes about her year in the dating scene. Any woman who has been there will smile and roll her eyes as she is reminded of what not to look for in a man.

Elizabeth’s dates run the full gamut – from the guy who stares at all the other women in the room to the ones who are so full of themselves their dates should feel privileged to be with them. Then, there are the men who spend the entire date on their cell phones, twitch their noses constantly or don’t understand a word the woman is saying … not to mention the gay men who are testing the heterosexual waters.

Not only is this an amusing memoir, it’s almost a study in human nature and personalities. Never fear, though, Elizabeth does eventually find Mr. Right. I’m not giving anything away here as it’s on the back of the book where she is described as “a writer, ballroom dance instructor, casino spokesmodel, wife, mother and small-town mortician.”

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