Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Believe: A Young Widow’s Journey Through Brokenness and Back

By Jennifer Silvera

From the back of the book:

“Grief capsized Jennifer’s life. When her police officer husband died in the line of duty, she found herself adrift in dark waters. … Writing for anyone who has lost a loved one but especially for those who have been widowed far too young, Jennifer offers understanding, affirmation, and hope.”

It amazes me that Jennifer Silvera was able to write this memoir after such a devastating loss. With two little children and a lifetime of happiness ahead of her, she is suddenly faced with something she never expected – the death of her husband. Reading about her marriage, it seems to be one that everyone hopes for. Her husband was understanding, compassionate and caring and they both shared dreams for the future.

As her world collapses around her, Jennifer must find it in her heart to continue, not just for herself but for the children, as well.

Although the road is rough, she finds little things to get her through one day at a time in order to come to terms with her loss.

By sharing her personal thoughts and feelings, Jennifer provides advice and help for others facing their own private losses.

I found her words particularly helpful due to the loss of my sister. Granted, it’s been many years now, but I still miss her terribly and always will. I was able to take some of Jennifer’s words to heart and I thank her for that.

“Believe” is a GoodReads win and I’m certainly glad my name was drawn.

Please take the time to read this book. You’ll be glad you did.


Missy said...

Great review - I am going to put this one on my wish list....sounds like it might be a tough read, but at the same time an enlightening one.

Diane said...

I never heard of this book but it sounds interesting; thanks